3 Spires Energy Assessors – Privacy Statement on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Implementation Date: 25th May 2018-05-17 Overview of Business

3 Spires Energy Assessors is a property service provider offering a diverse range of services to the property industry via a network of online and high street estate agents, lettings agents, landlords and business partners and is based in Burntwood, South Staffordshire.

Instructions received during the course of our daily business are generally gathered via various CRM systems, apps, email or telephone. These include limited personal data such as name, address, phone number and email at point of instruction and is necessary for the action and implementation of our services.

Business Process

Job are received and offered as outlined previously via CRM, Apps, email and telephone.

When scheduling tasks and jobs with the suppliers and the consumer, contact is generally by phone, email or text message and occasionally involve collection of further information that is relevant to the nature of the task which could include Photo ID and Proof of Residence.

Following completion of tasks and jobs, data is uploaded via various business partners CRM systems or by email direct to agents or homeowners if a private instruction.

Client Contact Database

Contact details for my network of clients are held electronically and are necessary for the functions and services provided.

Data Storage

3 Spires Energy Assessors ensures that:-

Paper files are stored securely.
Electronic data is protected from unauthorised access, accidental deletion and malicious hacking attempts.
Data is protected on all devices by strong passwords
Data is uploaded to secure external devices
Data is not saved directly to laptops or other mobile devices like tablets. There may be need initially to save data on smartphones but this will be deleted once the data as been used and transferred securely.
EPC data is legally required to be stored for 10 years to coincide with the life span of the certificate

Data Use

Gathered data is essential to the daily function of 3 Spires Energy Assessors business and is only used for its intended purpose. 3 Spires Energy Assessors will never give or sell information to any individual or third party business.

Data Accuracy

As is our legal obligation, 3 Spires Energy Assessors takes all reasonable steps to ensure data is kept accurate and up to date.

3 Spires Energy Assessors are registered with the ICO. (Information Commissioners Office)